Bord na Mona Emphasizes Importance of Water Reuse, Rainwater Harvesting

May 18, 2010
Provider of residential and decentralized water reuse, wastewater and odor control treatment technologies challenges industry to make water reuse a national priority

Saying that the time for talk is over and the time for action is at hand, Bord na Mona Environmental Products U.S. Inc., the American market subsidiary of the $550-million Bord na Mona group based in Dublin, Ireland, believes it is important to make water reuse in general, and rainwater harvesting in particular, a national industry priority with the availability of practical and affordable reclamation, reuse and management systems.

Bord na Mona offers its line of RainSava residential and commercial rainwater harvesting products. The line is available in packaged solutions directly to green-build developers, self-builders and to homeowners retrofitting rainwater recycling into their houses. It is also available in skid-mounted units and recycling components to builders & owners of commercial properties, such as schools, universities, office buildings and for industrial water reuse applications.

“There is no longer any reason not to incorporate water reuse in general, and rainwater harvesting in particular, into every residential and commercial development project,” Bord na Mona Environmental Products President Shane Keaney said. “In fact, there is every practical and environmental reason to make water reuse a national priority in 2010, while we can still do something about the water shortages that threaten our communities.”

RainSava rainwater harvesting systems are designed to provide an alternative to the use of potable drinking water for non-drinking water reuse applications. Bord na Mona provides complete systems or individual components to capture and use rain that falls onto a catchment area such as a roof. By collecting and filtering natural rainwater, and providing a means of distributing the water to the required locations in an economic way, RainSava systems provide a solution to the growing problem of water shortage and storm water runoff.

Apart from the environmental gains, the increasing cost of water provides an economic advantage to the harvesting and use of rainwater. This, together with the added value given to property for a small capital outlay, makes the RainSava rainwater system a positive asset to any house or business premises, the company said.

The RainSava system incorporates a filter that can be located in each downpipe or in the combined rainwater pipe after it goes underground. This filter design ensures that the rainwater passes through the filter and into the storage tank and any debris and leaves are filtered out. The design aims to ensure that access to the filter is simple, allowing ease of cleaning.

Other features of the RainSava rainwater system include:

  • Smoothing inlet filter;
  • Submersible pump with floating suction filter;
  • Rainwater filter pressure switch;
  • Mains water top-up (optional);
  • Overflow trap; and
  • Level gauge (optional).

Source: Bord na Mona