ADS Acquires Foltz Concrete Pipe Co.

April 2, 2010
Companies aim to meet needs of storm drain and sanitary sewer markets

Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc. (ADS), completed the acquisition of Foltz Concrete Pipe Co. of Winston-Salem, N.C.

“We at ADS are very excited about our purchase of Foltz,” said Joe Chlapaty, chairman and CEO of ADS. “The acquisition of Foltz is yet another step ADS is taking to meet the needs of the storm drain and sanitary sewer markets. The unique ability to package multiple products to the same job site including plastic pipe, concrete pipe, precast structures, StormTech chambers, water quality units, etc., can be of tremendous value to the customer.”

In addition to the packaged shipping abilities, ADS has a nationwide staff of engineers and sales professionals who work with consulting engineers, agencies, distribution partners and installing contractors to provide solutions for drainage and sanitary sewer projects and programs.

“With the recent economic downturn, ADS has been uniquely positioned to take a decisive role in establishing strategic alliances with companies like Foltz who are the best in their class,” Chlapaty said. “We look for partners who share in our vision, along with products and technologies that improve effectiveness in all aspects of drainage performance. This acquisition is the kind of bold move our customers have come to expect and is the ideal fit with our goals and relentless passion for growing the industry.”

Established in 1931, Foltz manufactures a line of concrete pipe and structures. George Sowers purchased the Foltz Co. in 1997 and then completed a new pipe plant in 2008.

“We at Foltz are excited to have access to additional resources that will enhance our manufacturing outputs and customer service,” Sowers said. “Like ADS, at Foltz, we go the extra mile to ensure that customer needs are met in a timely manner.”

Source: ADS