Filtronics, Inc., of Anaheim an Authorized Dealer of NXT-2 Media

April 12, 2010
Company announces agreement with EP Minerals

Filtronics, Inc., announced an agreement with EP Minerals for distribution of its NXT-2 media for the removal of arsenic, fluoride, lead, phosphate, chromium, selenium, antimony and other contaminants. NXT-2 is a direct replacement for arsenic absorption media and for most ion exchange arsenic applications. Filtronics is offering the NXT-2 media in addition to its product line of Electromedia products for municipal and industrial water treatment.

The NXT-2 patented technology was developed in cooperation between EP Minerals and the University of Nevada-Reno to provide cost-effective treatment for the removal of arsenic from drinking water to less than 10 ppb to meet compliance with EPA requirements. NXT-2 is a free-flowing, lanthanum-based mixed metal oxy-hydroxide media that was designed not only to provide maximum capacity through high surface area, but also improved stability against pH upset to prevent possible desorption of bound arsenic both during use and in landfill conditions. NXT-2 has been demonstrated to offer low overall treatment costs, coupled with ease of use and low maintenance requirements, the company said.

Filtronics has successfully used NXT-2 in installations in California for the treatment of arsenic.

“We are very excited to be working with EP Minerals and having the NXT-2 media approved in California,” said Bill Hoyer, COO of Filtronics. “It is working beautifully, removing arsenic to well below the 10 mg/L limit; and our pilot studies prove breakthrough is up to three times the bed volumes of our competition.”

Source: Filtronics

Image by Burnham RNG, courtesy twentytwo & brand.