RSS Water Solutions Opens Office in Cyprus

April 5, 2010
RSS to market its mobile desalination water to areas where freshwater is scarce

Rental Solutions & Services (RSS), a provider of rental power and cooling has recently launched its latest product offering, temporary desalination or mobile water. Coinciding with the launch of new mobile desalination water, RSS has also opened a new office in Cyprus to serve the Mediterranean market.

“The Cyprus office will serve as our hub in for the Mediterranean region,” said Milan Balac, managing director of rental solutions & services. “Temporary desalination water for several islands and resorts will now benefit from uninterrupted supply of freshwater. Aside from the Middle East and Asian region, we are confident that our rental power, temporary cooling and mobile desalination plant will benefit the Mediterranean region, in particular Cyprus, Montenegro, Gibraltar, Spain, Monaco, Italy, Malta, Slovenia, Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco.”

Robert Bagatsing, group marketing manager of RSS explained that rental desalination, or mobile water technology, has various applications especially in areas where fresh water is scarce or non-existent. A typical scenario is a recently opened 600-room hotel resort with large swimming pools, spas and multiple restaurants with no supply of potable water. RSS can install containerized mobile water and supply up to 1,000 cu meters per day to the hotel resort. RSS can supply water for any application in areas that have limited supply of freshwater or no potable water, the company said.

“RSS can also provide packaged temporary desalination water solutions for many applications such as construction, district cooling plants, military and municipal government, power plants, refineries, pulp and paper, steel, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, semiconductor, textile, laundry, agricultural nurseries and greenhouses, water supply distributors, hospitals and livestock farms,” said Lee Cox, general manager for Southern Gulf. “RSS products and services have a wide spectrum of business applications in the Gulf region as well as in Central Asia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other Emirates in UAE as well as in Oman, Yemen, India and Pakistan, all of which benefit from our temporary turnkey engineered solutions.”

Source: Rental Solutions & Services

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