Fluid Dynamics Works to Solve Water Treatment Problem

March 17, 2010
Fluid Dynamics to cooperate with Texas A&M University to prevent scaling in drinking water production equipment

Fluid Dynamics, a U.K.-based manufacturer of catalytic scale prevention products, is working with a U.S. university to solve a water treatment problem. Texas A&M University has developed a novel evaporator for producing drinking water from brackish water, but the new technology is at serious risk of scaling caused by the presence of calcium carbonate in the feed water.

Texas A&M decided to use Fluid Dynamics’ non-chemical, catalytic technology to ensure minimum environmental impact for their equipment.

"We are really pleased to be cooperating with Fluid Dynamics,” said Dr. Jorge Lara, researcher at Texas A&M. “By combining our novel technology with Fluid Dynamics' extensive experience in scale prevention, we believe that our evaporator could make a major contribution to supplementing the supply of drinking water around the world.”

Fluid Dynamics’ environmentally-friendly treatment technologies, including Colloid-A-Tron, Scaletron and Magstream, have been in use around the world for more than 35 years; and more than a quarter of a million units can be found in such diverse applications as chemical plants, hospitals, oil rigs and swimming pools.

Source: Fluid Dynamics

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