NGWA, GWPC to Hold April Meeting to Explore 'Groundwater for a Thirsty World'

Feb. 10, 2010
Meeting designed to bring together various experts to address key water issues

The National Ground Water Assn. (NGWA) and the Ground Water Protection Council (GWPC) will hold a joint meeting April 11 to 15 in Denver to explore the application of science and practice to the theme, “Groundwater for a Thirsty World.”

The meeting is designed to bring together regulators, practitioners, natural resource managers, policymakers, municipal planners, banking industry representatives, remediation site owners, attorneys, climatologists and those who supply knowledge and technology needed to address key water issues.

The invited keynote speaker is Lisa P. Jackson, administrator, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

This event encompasses:

  • 27 conference sessions;
  • Workshops;
  • Field trip;
  • Short courses;
  • The National Ground Water Research and Educational Foundation Darcy Lecture, “Quantifying Flow and Reactive Transport in the Heterogeneous Subsurface Environment: From Pores to Porous Media and Facies to Aquifers;”
  • The Birdsall-Dreiss Lecture, “Toward X-Ray Vision: Geophysical Signatures of Complex Subsurface Processes;”
  • Two poster sessions;
  • Networking receptions; and
  • Sponsorship opportunities.

Source: NGWA