Columbian TecTank Introduces New Flat Panel Tank

Dec. 8, 2009
Features capacity of more than 6 million gal

Columbian TecTank (CTT) has launched a new flat panel tank that aims to offer a significant increase in liquid and dry bulk storage capacity. The new flat panel tank joins Columbian TecTank’s steel chime panel tanks, which the company has produced for more than 100 years and sold into more than 125 countries.

“The new flat panel tank allows us to accommodate our customers’ storage capacity needs to over 6,000,000 gal of liquid or in excess of 2,000,000 cu ft of dry bulk material,” said Sam Skobel, vice president of sales and marketing for Columbian TecTank. “Like our traditional chime panel design, the new flat panel tanks may be used in high-volume industrial, commercial, institutional and private applications to store water, wastewater, petroleum, grain, coal and many other liquid and dry bulk materials.”

The flat panel tanks are produced at the company’s Parsons, Kan., manufacturing facility alongside CTT’s other tank designs. The new flat panel tanks will be processed in CTT’s OptiBond coating process featuring the Trico-Bond EP epoxy powder.

Source: Columbian TecTank