AdEdge Technologies Awarded Treatment System Project

Nov. 16, 2009

Company to install system for resort village of Kannata Valley, Saskatchewan, Canada

AdEdge Technologies announced it has been awarded and is implementing an integrated arsenic, iron and manganese treatment system project for the resort village of Kannata Valley, Saskatchewan, Canada. The resort village of Kannata Valley, a community of 149 households, is situated on the north shore of Last Mountain Lake approximately 50 km north of Regina, Saskatchewan.

The current levels of arsenic, manganese, iron and turbidity exceeds the Saskatchewan Drinking Water Quality Standards and Objectives (SDWQSO) that come into effect at the end of 2010, as well as the federal drinking water quality guidelines in Canada. AdEdge teamed up with its local partner, The Water Clinic, to offer a solution to bring the current resort’s waterworks into compliance and produce safe potable drinking water. The selection of AdEdge among other prospective bidders was based on successful on-site pilot testing, the technical approach and cost-effectiveness.

AdEdge will design and furnish a model AD26-4860CS-S-3-AVH oxidation/filtration system that features three treatment vessels in parallel configuration to treat an average of 100,000 gal per day utilizing AdEdge AD26 media. The system includes chemical feed modules, the integrated skid mounted packaged system and an added backwash recycle system that enables up to 95% reuse of the backwash water.

“The technology was very cost-effective compared to other approaches considered, including membrane and biofiltration methods,” said Arnold Flegel, administrator for the resort village of Kannata Valley. “The community was seeking a treatment approach that would be ‘green’ in three ways: a--no chemicals would be added to the process (other than a disinfectant), b--a minimal amount of filter backwash water would go to waste and c--the system would be cost-effective to install and operate. With the local presence of the Water Clinic, the experience of AdEdge and the excellent results demonstrated in the pilot plant, we anticipate a very successful system that meets or exceeds the SDWQSO in a cost-effective way.”

Source: AdEdge Technologies

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