American International Industries, Inc., Signs Letter of Intent With Centriforce Technology Corp.

Nov. 16, 2009
AMIN seeks to gain presence in worldwide water market

Daniel Dror, chairman and CEO of American International Industries, Inc. (AMIN), announced that AMIN has signed a letter of intent with Centriforce Technology Corp., a technology company that has developed a water desalination system.

The company said the new desalination system can save 50% to 75% of the cost to desalinate seawater when compared to current technologies installed globally.

"AMIN has analyzed global infrastructure necessities and identified the potable water industry as a top priority and necessity for the coming decades," Dror said. "AMIN sees its investment in the water industry as a strategic action that will provide great potential for growth, humanitarian solutions and profitability."

AMIN views this developing relationship as a timely opportunity to increase its worldwide market presence.

Source: American International Industries, Inc.