California Water Service Co. Presented With 2009 Innovators Award

Nov. 12, 2009
Award given from Control Microsystems, recognizing excellence in water and wastewater application engineering

Control Microsystems, Inc., is pleased to award its 2009 Water and Wastewater Innovators Award to California Water Service Co. (Cal Water). Cal Water was formed in 1926 and now serves more than 460,000 customers through 28 customer and operations centers throughout the state. Its latest project involves installing a statewide SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) system.

The SCADA system includes four primary operations centers, twelve district operations centers, a statewide microwave backbone and variety of data acquisition radios. In addition to traditional SCADA functions for remote monitoring and control of pumps, valves and tanks, Cal Water will implement statewide metering of power consumption and water flow to provide a real-time measure of operational efficiency.

“The Cal Water SCADA staff are pleased to be recognized for design and implementation of the California statewide SCADA system”, said Clyde McMorrow, secure SCADA program manager at Cal Water. “Among numerous critical suppliers, Control Microsystems was chosen as radio advisors and PLC suppliers, collaborating in a solution to provide Cal Water customers with the highest level of available technology, security and service.”

Source: Control Microsystems

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