Trojan Technologies Wins 2009 Stockholm Industry Water Award

June 9, 2009
Award will be presented at World Water Week in August

Trojan Technologies has been named the winner of the 2009 Stockholm Industry Water Award.

Based in London, Ont., Canada, Trojan Technologies produces open channel and pressurized UV disinfection systems for industrial applications, municipal water and wastewater treatment, commercial integration, residential use and elimination of environmental contaminants from wells and other sources of drinking water, including reused water.

"Trojan's success has contributed to a viable competitive industry in the area of ultraviolet technologies, leading to the development of a full range of industrial technologies in both specialised and general applications," noted the Stockholm Industry Water Award nominating committee in its citation. "Their work with other members of the UV industry has advanced world-wide regulatory acceptance, overcome many limitations of existing technologies and provided a new means of protecting public health and developing new sources of water supply."

Executives from Trojan Technologies will formally receive the Stockholm Industry Water Award at a ceremony during World Water Week in Stockholm in August.

In its citation, the Stockholm Industry Water Award nominating committee highlighted several recent installations of Trojan systems that illustrate the potential of UV treatment for wastewater reuse applications. The most notable of these are large-scale projects in Orange County, Calif., and South East Queensland, Australia.

Source: Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI)