Meurer Research, Inc. to Unveil Bio-Cel MBR at WEFTEC

Aug. 13, 2009
Compact flexible sheet membrane bioreactor delivers superior effluent quality in a 50% smaller footprint

Meurer Research, Inc. (MRI) and Microdyn Technologies, Inc. will display the MRI Bio-Cel MBR, an innovative, compact membrane bioreactor that delivers effective ultrafiltration, increased capacity, higher effluent quality and optimal flow rate in a 50% smaller footprint, at WEFTEC.09 in Orlando.

The design incorporates large flexible flat-sheet membranes patented by Microdyn-Nadir, GmbH. Strengthened by the full sheet permeable bond, the membranes can be back-flushed without damage. The pore size is .04 microns.

An environmentally friendly cleaning process for the MRI Bio-Cel MBR’s submerged membranes will also be introduced. The chemical-free, granular bead mechanical cleaning process, Bio-Cel–MCP, removes the fouling layer without decreasing permeability or putting chemicals into the effluent or the environment.

Bio-Cel–MCP was developed by Microdyn-Nadir, GmbH and Darmstadt University of Technology. Dr. Stefan Krause of Microdyn-Nadir will present a technical paper on the new cleaning process at WEFTEC.

“Today water and wastewater facilities face space constraints, increased demand, and more stringent regulations. We’re elated to partner with Microdyn Technologies, Inc. and Microdyn-Nadir to bring forward these innovative advancements,” said Lonnie Meurer, president, Meurer Research, Inc.

Source: Meurer Research, Inc.