Napier, New Zealand, Adopts Accela Government Software

June 24, 2009
Asset management software to help city manage nearly 100,000 assets

The City Council of Napier, New Zealand, has announced that it will deploy advanced Accela Automation software from Accela Inc., provider of Web-based and mobile applications that make government services available around the clock. The Napier City Council will leverage Accela’s asset and work order management software to help maintain the city’s water and wastewater assets, as well as its various parks, reserves and public spaces.

As one of New Zealand’s popular tourist destinations, Napier needs to ensure that its infrastructure and public assets serve not only the resident population of nearly 60,000, but also many thousands of annual visitors. The city estimates the new software will eventually track close to 100,000 individual assets. Napier currently uses different kinds of asset management software running on separate databases, which lowers efficiency and reduces visibility across asset classes.

Napier will deploy the Accela Asset Management module of Accela Automation, which allows local and regional governments to efficiently track and manage their assets and resources, providing an automated solution for costing, inventory, maintenance, investigations and inspections. The software enables agencies to define their assets in a tailored manner, providing intelligent analysis and maintenance capability to keep critical infrastructure performing at peak condition. Also important for communities like Napier, Accela Asset Management’s powerful workflow engine facilitates integration across disparate departments and systems by allowing customers to create their own work processes without the need for re-programming.

“Napier has wanted for some time to update our existing asset management systems with a single solution, built on advanced technology, that would deliver the flexibility to meet all of our needs now and into the future,” said Ian Tidy, the city’s GIS analyst and developer. “Accela Automation will be the central hub for all of our most critical GIS, CAD and asset data, so the application’s ease of asset modeling and Accela’s commitment to innovation were major factors in our selection--as was the ability to manage work orders and record maintenance data with greater accuracy.”

Source: Accela

Image by Burnham RNG, courtesy twentytwo & brand.