GE Water Introduces Latest Advanced Technologies

June 16, 2009

GE Water is highlighting its latest advanced technologies for municipal water treatment and water reuse, including its recently expanded family of ZeeWeed ultrafiltration (UF) products, at ACE09.

ZeeWeed is an advanced filtration technology that separates particles, bacteria and viruses from water or wastewater. Nearly 1,000 plants worldwide use this technology to produce superior-quality drinking water and to meet or exceed stringent wastewater treatment and water reuse standards.

GE's recently introduced pressurized UF membrane, ZeeWeed 1500, will be making its first appearance at the annual conference. It is a cost-effective, skid-mounted solution that can be rapidly installed for water treatment, pretreatment for reverse osmosis (RO) and tertiary filtration. Available in custom designs for municipal plants as well as industrial applications, the new offering joins GE Water's growing portfolio of products designed to tackle global water challenges.

In addition to ZeeWeed, other GE Water technologies being showcased at ACE09 include:

  • Electrodialysis reversal technology, which offers removal of total dissolved solids, an up to 94% water recovery rate and operation with low chemical addition;
  • A broad range of packaged and custom membrane solutions for municipalities, including RO, nanofiltration and UF;
  • Muni.Z depth cartridge filters, which offer up to twice the life of conventional depth filters; and
  • ABMet biological treatment technology capable of removing 100% nitrate and more than 99% selenium from drinking water.

Source: GE Water

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