Siemens Predicts Growth in Global Water Treatment Demand

June 25, 2009
Fastest growth predicted for Asian market

According to a senior manager at Siemens AG, global demand for water treatment services may grow 6% in 2010, as Asia is expected to build infrastructure to meet increased use of clean water from cities and industries, Bloomberg reported.

As opposed to the U.S., where infrastructure is in place, demand will grow fastest in Asia because many regions currently lack adequate infrastructure to serve industrial areas and growing population, Michael Wegmann, chief executive officer of Siemens’s Industry Solutions Division in Singapore, told Bloomberg.

Fastest demand growth in Asia demand will be for the $38 billion water treatment market, Wieland Simon, a Siemens spokesman, told Bloomberg. Asian growth rates may reach 10% next year, he said.

Singapore’s Changi Water Reclamation Plant opened June 23. It is the largest plant in Southeast Asia, capable of treating 800,000 cu meters of used water a day, enough to fill 320 Olympic-sized swimming pools. The plant will treat more than half of Singapore’s used water.

The story from Bloomberg is available here.

Source: Bloomberg

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