McIlvaine Co. Forecasts World Ultrapure Water Market Will Rebound to $4.1 Billion in 2010

June 10, 2009
Market expected to be down in 2009, but rebound and grow in future

The market for ultrapure water systems and consumables will be down in 2009 from the $4.l billion in revenues recorded in 2008, but will rebound to the $4.l billion level again in 2010 and then register positive growth in 2011 and 2012. These are the latest forecasts in the online “Ultrapure Water World Markets,” published by the McIlvaine Co.

There will be significant differences in growth rates in the specific industries. Electronics will be down and other segments will be up. However, semiconductor is the largest sector, so its shrinkage has a big impact. Power is the second largest segment. Expenditures will be up in this segment and partially offset the semiconductor performance.

The market for hardware will be down sharply from 2008 levels but the market for consumables will only be down modestly. Hence the combined totals do not show the peaks and valleys experienced by the hardware suppliers.

The forecasts include consumables such as ion exchange resins, membranes and treatment chemicals. Companies such as Pall and DOW who supply membranes are not experiencing the severe shrinkage that is experienced by the companies relying on the sale of the turnkey systems.

There is substantial market loss in Europe. But this will be offset by solid growth in Asia. Suppliers of electronics have steadily increased manufacturing capability in the areas where the demand is highest for their products and the manufacturing costs are lowest. The continued trend toward nanotechnology is a positive influence. There is attractive growth in military electronics, medical devices and biotechnology (included with pharmaceuticals).

Rising healthcare expenditures are creating a growing market in medical devices and hospitals where ultrapure water is needed for dialysis and certain other small uses.

Source: McIlvaine Co.

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