Southern Research Offers New Water/Wastewater Treatment Program

May 11, 2009
Dr. Derek Eggert to lead initiative remediating problem constituents in commercial and industrial effluent

Southern Research Institute has announced that it is adding a new research capability focusing on the remediation of problematic constituents in water and wastewater sources. Environmental toxicologist Derek Eggert, Ph.D., will lead the new program, which is located on Southern Research's main campus in Birmingham, Ala.

"We are very pleased that Dr. Eggert has joined Southern Research, enabling us to expand our environmental services to industry," said Michael D. Johns, vice president of engineering at Southern Research. "The remediation of industrial water is important to the quality of our water systems. Because of Derek's expertise, Southern Research can now help develop environmentally and economically sound solutions to treat those problems."

By creating the water and wastewater treatment team, Southern Research will help remediate contaminants--arsenic, mercury, selenium, aluminum, copper, lead, zinc, oil and grease, etc.--from various waste streams in order to reuse or discharge into a local waterway.

Source: Southern Research Institute

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