Redi-Rock Announces 2008 Rocky Awards Winners

Feb. 9, 2009
Company honors its products' best commercial, water application, residential and commercial wall projects

Redi-Rock Intl. is pleased to announce the 2008 winners of the annual Rocky Awards. The Rocky Awards are an annual honoring of the best Redi-Rock walls built in the categories of Commercial Wall of the Year, Water Application Wall of the Year, Residential Wall of the Year and Freestanding Wall of the Year.

More than 130 Redi-Rock dealers across North America compete for these prestigious awards which were presented at the company's annual dealer meeting in Las Vegas, Feb. 2 to 3.

Redi-Rock Structures of OKI, Independence, Ky., was awarded Commercial Wall of the Year for a project completed at Sawyer Point Riverfront Park in downtown Cincinnati. The 900-ft-long, 21-ft-tall gravity wall replaced an existing wall and supports a sidewalk and roadway above. The saved space from the custom zero-degree setback wall provides valuable parking space for the popular park.

SI Precast, with offices across the south central U.S., was awarded Water Application Wall of the Year for a series of projects. Storm water projects for the city of Tulsa, Okla., included 68,000 sq ft of retaining walls at the Fred Creek Drainage Improvement project and innovative designs at the Joe Creek Drainage Improvement project. These two projects showcased Redi-Rock’s ability to provide storm water solutions on a city-wide scale. Also included in the award is the 6,000-sq-ft gravity wall at the Lake Fork Water Pump Station in Alba, Texas. The wall stands 33 ft tall and is almost completely submerged, creating a durable and aesthetically pleasing facet to the pump station.

Piedmont Precast. Atlanta, was awarded Residential Wall of the Year for an installation at a high-end residential development in Sandy Springs, Ga. The 30-ft-tall reinforced cobblestone wall topped with columns and fencing supported a $6-million French-style estate. Redi-Rock was also used in a backyard water feature, garden patio and driveway entrance.

Foster Supply Inc., Scott Depot, W.Va., was awarded Freestanding Wall of the Year for a project completed at the city of South Charleston, W.Va. The freestanding walls encircle a stage used for concerts, weddings and festivals throughout the year. The walls consist of a combination of cobblestone and limestone freestanding blocks stained a deep grey, topped with bright white caps. The innovative design of the columns supporting the city of South Charleston sign were also constructed using freestanding blocks.

Source: Redi-Rock Intl.