Aqwise AGAR Technology Implemented in Golan Heights WWTP

Aug. 27, 2008
The multimillion-dollar project will serve 13 local communities

Aqwise, a leading technology and services provider of advanced wastewater treatment solutions, recently announced the integration of its AGAR technology in the construction of the new Meitzar plant, being established in Golan Heights’ southern region. Near Kibbutz Meitzar, the new wastewater treatment plant is designed to serve 13 rural communities, many of them with special farming and livestock enterprises, requiring treatment capacity for highly polluted wastewater.

The Aqwise solution will enable the new plant to effectively address the challenge of inflow peaks associated with regional conditions and allow gradual project scalability so as to adapt wastewater treatment capacities to the anticipated regional growth.

Designing the entire plant around the Aqwise solution will enable a quick and cost-efficient expansion of the plant’s capacity. The initial plan is to gradually expand the capacity of the plant in the upcoming years, up to doubling the influent volume without requiring additional construction and civil works.

For the Meitzar project, Aqwise will deploy its proprietary AGAR (Attached Growth Airlift Reactor) technology, designed for enhanced BOD and nutrients removal, complying with the new and stringent effluent requirements and standards recently instituted in Israel.

The Meitzar project is now underway, and expected to be in operation in the beginning of 2009. Excess sludge produced at the plant will be transferred via direct pipeline to the nearby biogas plant, enabling significant savings on the wastewater treatment plant’s operations.

Source: AqWise

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