Low-Profile Sewer Overflow Screen Installed in Newark, N.J.

Jan. 21, 2009
Screen developed by John Meunier, Inc., finds success in constrained CSO and SSO sites

John Meunier, Inc., a subsidiary of Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies, has sold a second Overflow Screen-Low Profile (OS-LP) screen to the city of Newark, N.J.

Screening remains a key solution for CSO and SSO applications and is part of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Nine Minimum Controls for CSOs. “After exhaustive engineering studies, exploring multiple screening technologies for these two overflow points,” explained Kurt Emmerich, associate at Malcolm Pirnie, Inc. “The OS-LP screen was selected for its high linear overflow capacity (maximum capacity of OS-LP is 13 CFS/ft) compared to the small installed footprint.”

The optimized hydraulics created by the upstream hydraulic ramp maintains a maximum output while the screen position eliminates any headloss caused by screening accumulation on the bars. The screenings are evacuated from the main flow and sluiced in a collecting trough back to the sewer line downstream from the overflow chamber.

The OS-LP was a perfect fit for the Newark application, facing the very limited freeboard available.

Source: John Meunier, Inc.