Alquimia Develops Innovative Waste Treatment System

Dec. 22, 2008
Spain-based company’s system has recovered 5,000 cu meters of polluted water in less than three months

Alquimia, a private Spain-based company, has developed an effective system of turning waste into value by recycling garbage, not only paper or glass, but also raw materials such as water, fuel, ceramics or metal, which usually end up buried or incinerated.

In less than three months since the opening of Alquimia’s treatment plant in Spain’s central region of Ciudad Real, it has achieved remarkable results, such as recovering 5,000 cu meters of polluted water from expired juices, galvanized materials and wood processing waste, and used 1,500 tons of industrial thinner and paints to obtain liquid fuel. Furthermore, the company will soon begin processing degraded biomass to produce solid fuel.

Alquimia works with universities and public institutions to improve environmental problems such as natural resource exhaustion or pollution. The company staff is involved in several research programs focused on alternative materials, composting from hazardous waste, wastewater purification and reusability of contaminated soil recovering. Alquimia has also participated as an advisor in the building of a carbon dioxide capturing pilot plant, and has teamed up with the regional government of Castilla la Mancha in the Tablas de Daimiel National Park recovery program.

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Source: Spain Technology News