Siemens Purchases Sole Rights to ITT’s Portacel Product Line

Dec. 12, 2008
Licensing agreement includes product supply and aftermarket support

Siemens Water Technologies has been awarded the sole license for the global manufacture and supply of the entire range of products, service and replacement parts for ITT Corp.’s Portacel product line. ITT will no longer manufacture and sell Portacel products and spares.

The licensing agreement includes the supply of products as well as aftermarket support of monitoring and dosing equipment for disinfection of potable water, and in particular, of vacuum dosing of gaseous and liquid chlorine. The licensing agreement will allow Siemens to broaden its scope of chemical feed and disinfection support worldwide.

Under the agreement, Siemens will acquire a significant installed base of equipment in approximately 20 countries. The company will continue to meet the needs of existing Portacel customers, and recently hired the former Portacel sales and marketing manager to continue overseeing sales of the product line at Siemens. The product supply and aftermarket service agreement will be managed through Siemens Water Technologies’ office based in the United Kingdom.

Source: Siemens