MAR Systems, Case Western Reserve University Partner to Enhance Water Technology

Aug. 28, 2008
Private grant brings Cleveland-based industry and university together

MAR Systems’ investment fund has awarded a substantial grant to Case Western Reserve University to sponsor a post doctoral fellow to analyze an improved water treatment media created by MAR Systems.

MAR Systems received one U.S. patent and filed two patent applications in 2008 for certain processes of reducing the levels of mercury and arsenic in aqueous liquids, such as industrial fluid waste streams, and the study will help in the process of developing a market-ready product by the end of 2009. Initial testing showed the Sorbster brand of media extracts hazardous materials 90% faster than iron oxide media, which is the most used media in water treatment facilities.

“The purpose of the study is to take a look at our technology at the atomic level to better understand how it works,” said Tony Kuhel, chief operating officer, MAR Systems. “Initial test results show we have a faster, cheaper and greener water treatment solution, but it may be possible to enhance the media so it can perform even faster when used in an industrial setting.”

By partnering with the Case School of Engineering, MAR Systems gains access to state-of-the-art facilities with electron microscopy labs that can look at the surfaces of the catalyst, answer questions and then make it commercially viable.

“Case Western Reserve University promotes an open campus to local industries, and we want to work locally to solve this problem,” said Dave Schiraldi, associate professor of macromolecular science and engineering. “By partnering together, we are turning the city of Cleveland into the leaders of clean water technology.”

The university is currently interviewing candidates to carry out the study and should have someone in place by October 1 of this year, said Schiraldi, who will also oversee the candidate. The study is expected to take about a year to complete.

Source: MAR Systems

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