Trojan Technologies Acquires R-Can Environmental, Inc.

Aug. 13, 2008
Combined entity will operate as strategic business unit of Trojan Technologies

Trojan Technologies, a leading manufacturer of advanced water treatment solutions, has acquired R-Can Environmental, Inc. R-Can is a leading manufacturer of ultraviolet equipment in residential water disinfection applications. The combined entity will operate as a strategic business unit of Trojan Technologies.

“We are combining two of the strongest residential teams in advanced water disinfection treatment—this is exciting for us,” said Rick Kelly, R-Can president. “Our greatest asset is our skilled group of water treatment professionals and strong customer base, while Trojan brings to the table advanced research and development capabilities; the combination will result in the best of technology and the highest quality customer support.”

According to Trojan President Marvin DeVries, “We are facing increasing demand for residential water treatment due to escalating water quality issues and concerns. This newly combined residential business, with over 50 years of UV water treatment experience, will position us to expertly meet those demands.” He added that Trojan has chosen one of their senior leaders, Ron Braun, to lead this business unit.

R-Can will operate under the Trojan Technologies name in its current location in Guelph, Ontario and will be focusing on their strong experience in the residential business. Trojan’s current residential business will be fully integrated into Guelph operations.

Source: Trojan Technologies

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