Call for Applicants - 2008 Water Efficiency Leader Awards

July 10, 2008
EPA's third annual Water Efficiency Leader Awards recognize organizations and individuals who provide leadership and innovation in water efficiency

The application period for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) third annual Water Efficiency Leader Awards is now open. The awards recognize those organizations and individuals who are providing leadership and innovation in water efficient products and practices.

The awards are intended to help foster a nationwide ethic of water efficiency, as well as to inspire, motivate and recognize efforts to improve water efficiency. This program will enable the EPA to document “best practices,” share information, encourage an ethic of water efficiency and create a network of water efficiency leaders.

Recognition will be given on the basis of persuasive community or organizational leadership in the area of water efficiency, originality and innovativeness, national/global perspective and implications and overall improvements in water efficiency. Actual (as opposed to anticipated) results are preferred and applicants should be able to demonstrate the amount of water saved. Candidates may be from anywhere in the U.S., they may work in either the public or the private sector and they may be either self-nominated or nominated by a third party.

The following sectors are encouraged to apply: corporations and industry, water utilities, government, nongovernmental organizations and individuals. Water utilities may be public or privately owned.

Government includes, for example, local, state, tribal, and federal agencies, and military bases. In order to be considered, applicants must have a satisfactory compliance record with respect to environmental regulations and requirements. Applications will be judged by a panel of national water efficiency experts from a variety of sectors. The panelists will provide recommendations to EPA, who will then make the final decision. EPA reserves the right to contact nominees for additional information should it be deemed necessary.

To apply, send a one-page description (single-sided) of the water-efficient project being nominated. Also send a completed application form found at to the address listed on the website.

Applications must be postmarked by Aug. 29, 2008, in order to be considered.

Please only e-mail Microsoft Word documents or PDF files. Also, please send a notice without any attachments indicating that a second e-mail with attachments will follow. Try to limit the file size to less than 3 MB total.

Source: EPA