Membrana Liqui-Cel Membrane Contactors Selected for Largest Plasma Display Panel Plant in China

July 2, 2008
Liqui-Cel deoxygenation contactors require one-tenth the footprint of other technologies

Membrana, a membrane and device manufacturer, announced that Liqui-Cel Membrane Contactors have been selected as the degasification technology at the largest plasma display panel (PDP) plant in China. Siemens, Ltd. in Shanghai, China, has designed and is building the deoxygenation system that utilizes Liqui-Cel 14 x 28 membrane contactors. The degassing system will process 1320 gal per minute (gpm) of water and will reduce dissolved oxygen levels in the water from 8,550 ppb down to less than 100 ppb. Additional contactors can be easily added later to expand the system for oxygen removal to less than 1 ppb.

Liquid degassing is required in the manufacturing process used to the make plasma display panels. Oxygen in the water will negatively impact the processing yields and surface quality of the panels. The Liqui-Cel degasification system will start up in Sichuang, China, in July of 2008. Liqui-Cel deoxygenation technology will be a major benefit to the PDP plant because it is small, efficient and modular. It requires one-tenth the footprint of other technologies and it is clean and field-proven with more than 15 years of installations in many industries.

Source: Membrana