Eimco Named U.S. Distributor of Atlantium Hydro-Optic Disinfection System

June 23, 2008
Atlantium's environmentally friendly system is validated to EPA drinking water requirements

EIMCO Water Technologies (EWT), a subsidiary of GLV, and Atlantium Technologies have signed an agreement appointing EWT as the exclusive distributor and seller of Atlantium’s Hydro-Optic Disinfection system for the municipal market in the U.S.

EWT, a major provider of targeted drinking water and wastewater solutions, has extensive experience helping their municipal customers comply with strict U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations. “To enter the municipal market in the U.S., Atlantium was seeking a partner that would have the capability, sustainability, distribution network, innovative spirit and vision to market our unique technology solution in the U.S. municipal market. Eimco certainly meets this profile,” said Atlantium Technologies CEO Ilan Wilf.

The Atlantium system has been validated according to the EPA regulations for drinking water. This fact played a critical role in the agreement between the two companies. Atlantium’s Hydro-Optic Disinfection system is a green solution drinking water suppliers can easily integrate into their treatment plants. At the same time, the compliance burden is reduced as suppliers are relieved of ongoing monitoring of lead and copper as well as disinfection byproducts (DBPs).

Atlantium designed its disinfection system to comply with the EPA requirements for ultraviolet (UV) systems used to treat drinking water. In late 2007, the Hydro-Optic disinfection system was validated by HydroQual, Inc., having achieved the EPA-required doses to treat for viruses and for parasite disinfection.

According to the EPA’s Ground Water Rule, drinking water suppliers must treat for adenovirus at a 4-log reduction level. Though chlorine and chemical disinfection can accomplish this goal, these methods can create potentially carcinogenic DBPs, which the new EPA rules limit. Moreover, there are municipalities and other drinking water suppliers that prefer to avoid chemical disinfection and the associated DBP and lead and copper monitoring requirements.

Atlantium’s system is a validated, realistic alternative to chlorine that accomplishes disinfection goals safely and reliably.

The Atlantium system is part of a complete solution that comes fully-equipped with monitoring and control software to ensure water is adequately treated 100% of the time. The system receives real-time data from sensors that continually monitor lamp intensity, the water’s UV transmissivity and flow rate. The UV dose is automatically maintained as these parameters fluctuate. In addition, the system’s reporting capabilities use data from real-time monitoring to produce the EPA-required reports.

Source: Eimco Water Technologies