Wonderware Unveils IndustryPack for Water & Wastewater Applications

June 12, 2008
IndustryPack software is a preconfigured set of application templates and graphics for use by water companies and municipalities

Wonderware, a business unit of Invensys, recently announced the release of the Wonderware IndustryPack for water and wastewater, designed to enhance overall productivity in facility operations for the water and wastewater industry. This is the first in a series of IndustryPacks to be introduced by Wonderware that will focus on specific vertical market segments. Wonderware is providing a single unified software platform for integrating real-time information with business critical applications.

The IndustryPack, which will be available to download for customer support members later this month, is a preconfigured set of application templates and graphics specifically built for use by water and wastewater companies and municipalities. Preconfigured content enables system engineers to minimize the overall cost and complexities associated with creating and managing water and wastewater systems. In addition, it will address critical issues facing this industry such as workforce attrition, regulatory requirements, business factors, source water supply and aging infrastructure.

Targeting municipal water and wastewater operations as well as industrial water and waste treatment, the IndustryPack leverages ArchestrA technology for greater productivity and ease of use. The unified ArchestrA software architecture simplifies the reporting and management functions performed by operations personnel, enabling them to build systems that are easy to replicate at multiple industry sites.

"The ArchestrA architecture is ideally suited for water and wastewater applications by employing an easy-to-use, component-object-based environment for developing standardized water and wastewater operations management solutions," said Eduardo Ballina, industry manager for Wonderware SCADA solutions. "This significantly improves productivity and controls the overall cost of managing and deploying solutions."

Source: Wonderware

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