Washington State Approves Hydro Intl.’s Up-Flo Filter for Pilot Use

May 23, 2008
State Known for Stringent Storm Water Regulations

Hydro Intl., a leading provider of environmentally sustainable products and innovative solutions that control and treat storm water, wastewater and combined sewer overflows, has announced that the Washington State Department of Ecology (DOE) has approved Hydro’s Up-Flo Filter for a “Pilot Use Level Designation” in storm water projects.

The state designated the Up-Flo for pilot use in the stand-alone treatment of storm water flows. The Up-Flo Filter is approved for use to treat flow rates of 22.7 gal per minute per sq ft of filter surface area. Four different media types have been approved for use, including sand, perlite, Hydro’s CPZ Mix, a blend of carbon, peat and zeolite and Hydro’s CPS Mix, a blend of carbon peat and sand.

The Up-Flo Filter is a high-rate storm water filtration technology that removes trash, sediments, nutrients, metals and hydrocarbons from storm water runoff. As the industry’s only fluidized bed upflow filtration technology, the Up-Flo Filter provides a higher level of treatment, a higher rate of filtration, longer life of filter media and a longer maintenance cycle than other filter systems.

The Washington State DOE oversees all efforts in the state to prevent pollution, clean up pollution and support sustainable communities and natural resources. Many other states and municipalities across the country follow Washington State DOE approval guidelines when authorizing the use of equipment in storm water treatment projects.

“We’re thrilled to receive this designation from the Washington DOE, which is known as one of the most diligent regulatory agencies in the nation,” said David Mongeau, general manager of Hydro’s U.S. Stormwater Division. “This important first step reflects the level of confidence both public and private water quality experts continue to exhibit in the Up-Flo’s performance and reliability.”

Source: Hydro Intl.

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