Muffin Monster Celebrates 35 Years

May 13, 2008
Company founded by father and son celebrates 35 years and four Innovative Technology Awards

In 1973, Woodie Chambers and his father, Joseph Chambers Sr., founded the Muffin Monster wastewater grinder in their garage. In true grassroots form, Woodie has carried on the Muffin Monster brand into the 21st century—now celebrating 35 years of award-winning service and innovation. With the addition of over 15 new Monster products, JWC and Muffin Monster remain strong leaders in the wastewater treatment industry.

“This has been a wonderful thirty-five-year ride in which I am blessed and very fortunate to be surrounded by so many good people within our organization who care about our industry,” Woodie Chambers reflected.

Over the last 35 years, JWC has won a total of four Innovative Technology Awards from the Water Environmental Federation: Auger Monster, 1997; Screenings Washer Monster, 2001; Honey Monster, 2003; and Monster Separation Systems, 2006.

When asked about the future, Woodie responded, “The future is as bright as ever. While technology has changed dramatically, Muffin Monster grinders still hold strong as a vital part of the wastewater treatment process. And in this decade of ‘green’ awareness, I am proud to say Muffin Monsters have been green for thirty-five years!”

Source: JWC