Koch Knight Announces New Flexilith HA Ceramic Structured Media

June 4, 2008
Flexilith structured media provides high thermal efficiency for environmental and wastewater applications

Koch Knight, LLC has introduced its new Flexilith HA Ceramic Structured Media for regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTOs). Engineered to provide greater thermal efficiency than competitive monoliths, cost-effective Flexilith media joins the comprehensive line of Koch Knight structured and random packing solutions for the environmental market.

Designed for pollution control in the printing, painting and spray coating industries, as well as in all wastewater applications with RTOs and biosolids drying facilities, Flexilith media is ideal for waste streams with fine particulate matter and clean stream applications. The shape and material composition of Flexilith media allows it to absorb and release heat quickly, providing excellent thermal efficiency and a high thermal shock resistance. Improved thermal efficiency means less natural gas to run the burners and an overall savings in the end user’s pollution control operations.

For applications in which particulate clogs are a problem, Flexilith media can be combined with Koch Knight’s Flexeramic structured packing for an efficient, low-maintenance RTO bed. Flexeramic structured packing is composed of corrugated sheets of ceramic that are vertically aligned in the RTO media bed, eliminating any horizontal surfaces that may create resistance to vapor flow. This geometric construction dramatically reduces the channeling of vapor and provides for more effective contact of hot gases with the ceramic surface. This increased efficiency offers reductions in energy usage and opportunities to increase flow through the RTO bed, if desired. The lack of horizontal surfaces also minimizes the media’s ability to trap particulates from the incoming air, and decreases the pressure drop across the bed.

In a mixed packing bed, Flexilith media is installed at the hot face while Flexeramic structured packing is installed in the cold face at alternating 45-degree angles, directing air over a clog like a detour. Furthermore, if an RTO is not hot enough to incinerate particulate at the cold face, it can recirculate through FLEXERAMIC structured packing without clogging until it is hot enough to turn to ash.

Koch Knight also provides Flexisaddle Low Pressure Drop (LPD) 1-in. random heat transfer media for RTOs. Flexisaddle LPD heat transfer media provides low pressure drop and efficient heat transfer in a strong mechanical configuration, and it is ideal for applications where particulate buildup has limited the service life of other media types in the past. The high open area and aerodynamic design of the Flexisaddle LPD heat transfer media results in over 20% lower pressure drop than standard saddle media designs for the same heat transfer efficiency. The unique 3-rib design improves heat transfer through more efficient use of the media’s surface area.

Source: Koch Knight, LLC

Image courtesy Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia (ICIQ).
All images courtesy of Ecosorb.