Wilo EMU Pumps Now Made in U.S.

June 6, 2008
Pumps can now be delivered faster

Wilo has added an important new innovation to its legendary, German-engineered, EMU pumps: the “Made In The USA” label. Now, pumps up to 12-in. discharge are being cast, machined, assembled and tested in the U.S. This means that pumps can be delivered in less time.

Terry Rouse, president and CEO, WILO EMU USA, LLC, recently explained, "Manufacturing in the USA allows us to reduce cycle time and provide reliable lead times. We want to be the pumping and mixing solution for life, for our customers, and we’re bringing our manufacturing operations closer to our customer base. Last year we opened our Submersible Technology Facility in Thomasville, Ga., and this year we are proud to be able to add the 'Made In The USA' label to our pumps. That’s progress for Wilo and that’s progress for our customers.”

Source: Wilo EMU USA, LLC