California Assembly Bill 2270 Passes on Assembly Floor

June 4, 2008
Bill that could allow softener bans now headed to State Senate

California Assembly Bill 2270 (AB2270) recently passed on the floor of the Assembly despite strong opposition from many within the water treatment industry.

The bill, which is being carried by Assemblymen Laird and Feuer and co-sponsored by Assembly member Strickland, was modified slightly prior to its passage on the Assembly Floor and will now go to the State Senate as early as June 16.

“The modifications are only cosmetic, and it still retains vague language about a ‘finding’ process by APPOINTED regional board staff rather than studies, and a vote by ELECTED officials responsible to voters,” the Pacific Water Quality Association (PWQA) said in a statement. “The bill carries two negative consequences allowing bans on new installations as well as allowing bans that will mandate legally installed units to be removed.”

The PWQA urges water dealers to send letters of opposition to the legislature and governor.

The bill can be read by visiting and searching for Assembly Bill 2270.

Source: Pacific Water Quality Association