Abanaki Corp. Purchases Aerodyne Development Corp.

March 17, 2008
Oil-skimmer maker moves into solid-material-handling market

Abanaki Corp., a leading manufacturer of industrial oil skimmers, has announced its purchase of Aerodyne Development Corp., which manufactures dust collection systems equipment and solid-material-handling components.

Best known for providing job shops as well as industrial giants with oil-skimming solutions the past 40 years, Abanaki Corp. purchased Aerodyne Development Corp. as part of Abanaki’s plan for growth in the solid-materials-handling market, said Abanaki Owner and President Tom Hobson.

“This is a great fit for the company,” Hobson said. “Abanaki has begun to evolve into this market, and Aerodyne has a well thought-out line of collectors. So it’s the right direction.”

Aerodyne Development Corp., headquartered in Chardon, Ohio, manufactures products for separating particles from air and liquid, including dust collection system equipment for foundries, quarries and other large-scale operations, as well as material-handling valves used in such collection processes. Included in its product lines are Vacu Valve, fans, pneumatic conveyors and grit collectors.

In the near future, Abanaki will be making improvements to Aerodyne products.

Source: Abanaki Corp.

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