Draft Fiscal Year 2009 National Water Program Guidance Released for Comments

March 13, 2008
FY 2008 final measures and commitments also are available

The National Water Program has released the Draft Fiscal Year (FY) 2009 National Water Program Guidance for public view and comment. This is the second annual water program guidance to implement the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 2006-2011 Strategic Plan. This draft guidance describes water program priorities and strategies, including the suite of water performance measures, for the coming fiscal year. The draft guidance is available at www.epa.gov/water/waterplan/fy09.html. Comments can be sent to Noha Gaber at [email protected] in the Office of Water by March 31, 2008.

The National Water Program Guidance Appendix: FY 2008 Final Measures and Commitments is now available at www.epa.gov/water/waterplan/ under the heading “FY 2008 Final Measures and Commitments.” Last summer and fall, regions, states and tribes worked to develop final commitments for FY 2008 for the measures described in the FY 2008 National Water Program Guidance, published in April 2007. These final FY 2008 commitments, along with supporting measures where program progress is tracked without an annual commitment (i.e., indicator measures), are summarized in this final appendix to the FY 2008 Guidance.

Source: U.S. EPA

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