IFAT 2008: Clean-Air Technology is Booming

March 20, 2008
IFAT 2008 expects increased attendance from waste-gas detoxification and air-pollution control companies

Business is growing for manufacturers and suppliers of clean-air technology, and this trend is being reflected at IFAT 2008. So far 26 companies involved in the field of waste-gas detoxification and air-pollution control have registered to take part in IFAT 2008. This is 50% more than at the last event. IFAT 2008, the International Trade Fair for Water – Sewage – Refuse – Recycling, takes place from May 5 to 9 in Munich, Germany.

The metal-processing industry, waste-incineration plants, power stations and chemicals and pharmaceuticals companies all generate waste gas that contains large quantities of harmful substances. These unwanted emissions are mostly fine particles in different compositions and grit sizes, but they also include cooling lubricants, sulphur oxides, nitrogen oxides, dioxins and furans as well as substances with a strong odor.

In the wake of a drive to cut these harmful emissions in Germany, a strong industry has developed that offers systems, components and services for industrial and commercial applications.

Source: IFAT 2008

Image by Burnham RNG, courtesy twentytwo & brand.