Hoffman Releases Wall-Mount Enclosure for Outdoor & Corrosive Environments

March 18, 2008
New enclosure has a white finish to reduce internal temperature

Hoffman has released their new Type 4X stainless steel wall-mount enclosure, which provides protection for housing electrical components and controls in outdoor and corrosive environments.

“We developed this product offering to meet customer requests for a cost-effective stainless steel enclosure for challenging outdoor or corrosive applications,” said Toni Amenrud, Hoffman vertical market manager. “White painted stainless steel significantly reduces solar heat load in direct sunlight without involving additional thermal management.”

The enclosure’s white polyester powder finish ensures the internal enclosure temperature is up to 10° lower than that of a traditional stainless steel enclosure in identical environments.

This single-door enclosure has continuously welded, ground-smooth seams with no holes or knockouts, and its data pocket is constructed of high-impact thermoplastic. The enclosure also offers Hoffman’s Type 316L stainless steel small Powerglide padlocking handle with internal three-point latching, keeping the enclosure secure and watertight while allowing easy access to internal components.

“The painted Type 4X stainless steel wall-mount enclosure is part of our standard product line to deliver the short lead times our customers require in a convenient, cost-saving package,” Amenrud said.

The enclosure’s Type 4 gasket assures a water- and dust-tight seal, and its 90-degree flange top collar on the top of the body opening keeps out harmful liquids and contaminants. The enclosure meets various industry standards, and standard sizes are offered from stock. Numerous modification services options are also available.

The enclosure can be used in outdoor and corrosive environments including petrochemical plants, pulp and paper processing operations, packaging applications, water treatment facilities, food processing and pharmaceutical applications.

Source: Hoffman