Cadmus Wins $116.5M EPA Drinking Water Protection Contract

Feb. 14, 2008
Seven-year agreement is the largest in the firm’s 24-year history

The Cadmus Group, Inc., an environmental and energy consulting firm, has won the largest contract in its 24-year history: a seven-year, $116.5 million agreement with the Drinking Water Protection Division of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water.

“Cadmus is extremely proud to have been chosen once again by EPA to support the Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water as it implements the Safe Drinking Water Act and the Public Water Systems Supervision and Underground Injection Control programs mandated by the Act,” Ian Kline, Cadmus CEO, said in announcing the new contract.

“This is a particularly gratifying win for Cadmus,” Kline said, “because it shows how much our EPA clients value not only the expertise and outstanding service we provide them but also our unwavering commitment to their mission to protect public health and the environment.”

Cadmus has supported the division and its predecessors for more than 20 years in their implementation of the Safe Drinking Water Act, which establishes a federal/state partnership to protect public health through safe drinking water. Under the new contract, Cadmus will support the EPA in:

*Developing and revising drinking water standards;

*Supporting states, tribes, and water systems in implementing standards and regulations;

*Promoting sustainability of drinking water infrastructure;

*Protecting drinking water supply sources from contamination;

*Conducting surveys of drinking water system needs;

*Supporting states and tribes in meeting the security requirements of the bio-terrorism act; and

*Assisting in the development of regulations governing the underground injection and long-term storage of carbon dioxide to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and global climate change.

Source: Cadmus Group, Inc.