Ionics Awarded $9 Million Contract by STMicroelectronics

Dec. 28, 2000
WATERTOWN, Mass.--Ionics, Incorporated announced today it has received a contract valued in excess of $9 million from STMicroelectronics (ST) to design, construct and commission an advanced ultrapure water (UPW) plant for ST's new AMK-8 semiconductor facility in Singapore.

The UPW plant will treat the Singapore municipal water source to supply a finished product of ultrapure water to the manufacturing facility containing impurities of less than 10 parts per trillion. The plant will utilize Ionics' electrodeionization (EDI) technology which is an important element of Ionics' chemical free UPW system design that allows ultrapure water users to eliminate the handling, storage, use, and disposal of large quantities of hazardous chemicals.

Commenting on the contract award, Arthur L. Goldstein, Ionics' Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, stated, "In 1998, we commenced operation of a new sales, service and regeneration facility in Singapore in order to better position Ionics to capture a higher percentage of the semiconductor market in Singapore and the Asia Pacific region. We are now seeing increased activity which confirms our belief that this area represents a rapidly growing market for Ionics. Earlier this year, another major semiconductor manufacturer released Ionics to complete the design and supply of a $10 million UPW and wastewater treatment plant for their new wafer fab being built in the People's Republic of China. We believe the award of the ST project and the release to complete the China project reconfirm Ionics' strong worldwide position related to the supply of UPW systems to the microelectronics industry."

SOURCE: Ionics, Inc.