AQA Total Ranks First in European Consumer Reports.

Dec. 28, 2000
AQA TOTAL, alime-scale preventer that has been a blockbuster in Europe, was successfully tested by three European consumer reports.
  • Austria Konsument, December 1999
  • Germany test, January 2000
  • Belgium Test Achats, February 2000
Among the tested units were many magnets and some other physical technologies.

Konsument" Austria published the long expected test result for the valuation of lime scale preventers, announcing the winner: AQA total from BWT. The German consumer magazine "test" Stiftung Warentest published the same result.

The water treated with AQA total showed an efficiency in reduction of lime scaling of 99 percent in the boiler.

BWT has sold more than 40,000 units worldwide (more than $ 40 million in sales). The AQA Total product line targets the environmental-friendly consumers who are increasingly concerned about the ecological repercussion. The tests validated that the AQA Total, powered by the IQ technology product line, is the only technology that has been backed up by the scientific community.

In addition to those magazines, more than 10 labs in the United States and Spectrum labs in the United States have granted the technology with more than 80 percent lime scale prevention efficiency.

(Source: BWT)

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