Wireless Communications to Install Automated Irrigation SCADA System in Saudi Arabia

Dec. 28, 2000
DENVER, Jan. 26 -- World Wireless Communications Inc., a leading developer and manufacturer of wireless and Internet technology and products, announced that is has received an additional purchase order for an irrigation Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system to be installed in Saudi Arabia. This latest purchase order is a result of World Wireless' previous experience with the Middle East Agriculture Co. and the successful installation of a similar system in the United Arab Emirates.The new system, to be installed at Al Khalidiah Farm, will automate the management of an extensive irrigation system and collect AC power usage data from a personal computer in a central location. The system will provide better control of water levels, more accurate data reporting and increased cost-efficiency. World Wireless will design the system and provide on-site installation supervision and start-up services. Installation is scheduled for September 2000.World Wireless offers full-service SCADA and Telemetry systems, and has been involved in the SCADA industry for more than 15 years.Past company projects include RTU satellite communications, offshore production platform automation in Indonesia, onshore gas field automation in Saudi Arabia, and projects with many Fortune 500 oil/gas companies.SOURCE: World Wireless Communications Inc.