Innovative Medical Services Launches Reservoir Metering System, New Ionization Disinfecting Technology

Dec. 28, 2000
Innovative Medical Services introduced its new Random Metering System in Atlanta at the 4th Decennial Conference on Nosocomial and Healthcare-Associated Infections. Based in El Cajon, California, the company markets water treatment and disinfecting solutions to a broad range of customers including pharmaceutical, healthcare and consumer markets. "The recent national media coverage by CNN and 20/20 ... regarding the serious ramifications associated with Legionnaires' disease and other water-borne pathogens has had a surprising impact on these infection control professionals," explained Gunner Lyslo, director of infectious diseases management of Innovative Medical Services. "There is a considerable heightened awareness about the role that contaminated water systems play in nosocomial infections." The Reservoir Metering System (RMS) is a non-halogen disinfection system that effectively treats large volumes of water with ionic silver compounds. Designed to be a cost effective alternative to the use of halogens (chlorine) for water disinfection in either single pass or re-circulating systems, RMS technology delivers ionic silver using proprietary assayed electrodes. The ions are metered into the process water by dosing pumps based upon flow rates to ensure precise dosage of ions. Generation of the ion concentrate is produced off-line by the RMS without utilizing the process water, enabling the equipment to produce ions more effectively and efficiently than conventional ionization systems. SOURCE: Business Wire