Arsenic Removal Technology to Target 34 Million Americans

Dec. 28, 2000
TARPON SPRINGS, Fla.--NuElectric Corp. has announced that the company's market in the United States for a new technology capable of removing arsenic from water is estimated to target at least 34 million American residents. According to a coalition of environmentalists using research from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), at least 34 million Americans drink tap water that contains unacceptable levels of arsenic. Based on a recent study documenting the perils of prolonged arsenic consumption, the New Jersey Environmental Federation recently indicated that it would sue the state Department of Environmental Protection for ignoring laws meant to reduce New Jersey's cancer rate."Long term exposure to arsenic has been shown to cause skin, bladder and lung cancer and it may cause kidney and liver cancer. Researchers also believe it harms the nervous system, blood vessels and the heart," stated Laurie Scala, President of NuElectric Corp.Now that arsenic has been labeled a human carcinogen, the EPA has proposed publishing more protective standards for the allowable concentration of arsenic in the United States water supply. The Natural Resources Defense Council recently said it would file a lawsuit against the EPA if the proposed new regulations were not issued within 60 days.Presently, there are 75,000 water systems in the United States that will be affected by this proposed legislation including public companies such as California Water Service Group Holding, Connecticut Water Service, Consolidated Water Co. Inc., Western Water Co. and American Water Works.SOURCE: NuElectric Corp.