Conservation Effort Begins in Washington Area

Dec. 28, 2000
Twenty-six water providers are beginning a 10-year water conservation effort in the hopes of saving residents and businesses 18 million gallons of water per day by the year 2010.

The plan, One Percent Water Conservation, calls for a reduction of water use by 1 percent each year. The plan also includes financial incentives--discounts and rebates on water-saving fixtures and appliances--water-saving programs to benefit commercial and residential customers, and the design and distribution of educational materials for public schools.

"This cooperative effort can help us ensure an ample water supply for both people and wildlife in our region without having to rely on the development of more costly sources of water," said Seattle Mayor Paul Schell. The One Percent Water Conservation message, which asks, "What Will You Save Today?," will accompany campaigns to educate and inform customers on water conservation opportunities.


(Source: Environment News Service)

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