Marmon Group Purchases Alamo Water Refiners

Dec. 28, 2000
The Marmon Group of Chicago purchased the assets of Alamo Water Refiners, Inc. of San Antonio, Texas. Alamo Water is a distributor and manufacturer of water treatment equipment for households and industry, selling primarily to independent dealers. Alamo Water occupies the enviable position of being the leading national company in this segment of the water treatment industry.

Initially, Alamo Water will continue to operate independently under Marmon management. On a long term basis, Alamo Water will be combined with Matt-Son, Inc. Matt-Son is also a member of the Marmon Group, serving the same independent dealer network. Where Alamo Water is the leading national company in this market, Matt-Son occupies a similar position in the Midwest.

Alamo Water founder and owner, Huette "Sonny" Cammack will remain with the company on a long term consultancy basis. Sonny commented, "I see this sale as a strongly positive move for all the customers of both Alamo Water and Matt-Son. The capabilities and locations of the two companies are complementary, so the combination will be able to better serve our mutual customer group, the true independent.

In addition, Marmon's management philosophy, where companies operate autonomously, meshes very closely with that of an entrepreneurial operation such as Alamo Water. I think the market will be very pleasantly surprised to see how well this combination will work. I look forward to helping Alamo continue to grow."

It is worth emphasizing that both Matt-Son and Alamo Water have decades of commitment to the independent dealer. As this new partnership grows and expands, this guiding commitment will remain the same and be reinforced by new products and programs.

Ian Knapp, current President of Ecodyne Water Treatment, Inc, also a Member of the Marmon Group, will move to Alamo to take over as President and General Manager.

All questions should be directed to Mr. Knapp,

Alamo Water Refiners, San Antonio, TX, 800-659-8400

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