Content Delivery System to Simplify E-Commerce

Dec. 28, 2000

Trade Service Corp. has launched a content delivery system to facilitate supply chain industry purchasing for the electrical, plumbing and HVACR industries. The product, eDataFlex, will be unveiled at a live demonstration to electrical distributors at the NAED Western Regional Conference Sept. 16-20 in Scottsdale, Ariz.

eDataFlex was created to help industry professionals streamline their business system updating, facilitate electronic communication with trading partners and stimulate e-commerce transactions within a Web storefront or digital marketplace. Using a 1.5 million-item database and a searchable catalog system, eDataFlex's attributed content "will enable buyers to locate products on-line quickly and easily," according to David Gill, vice president of information technology.

Unique to eDataFlex is the Permanent Identification Key (PIK). This ensures flawless and successful processing of updates and major changes to the database, including UPC number changes.

For more information about eDataFlex, call 800-701-7003.

(Source: Trade Service Corp.)