EnvironClean Introduces Alternative to Chlorine in Drinking Water

Dec. 28, 2000
wc??onClean Technologies, Inc. is offering a new product as an alternative to chlorine in drinking water, with the same antimicrobial abilities but without the health and environmental hazards.

The chlorine substitute, ECT-2000, has been extensively tested by several environment testing laboratories and found to be non-toxic, non-irritating to the skin, non-corrosive and odorless. The product is now in the final stage of being tested and certified by the NSF.

Chlorine in water solution reacts with organic compounds in the environment to form chlorinated hydrocarbons such as carbon tetrachloride and chloroform, two known carcinogens. It also breaks down in the presence of sunlight to form a reactive gas that escapes into the upper atmosphere and contributes to earth's ozone depletion.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recently has mandated the reduction in the amount of chlorine used to treat water supplies. The only other viable water treatment methods currently being used for large-scale water treatment plants, UV and ozone, are more expensive.

(Source: EnviroClean Technologies, Inc.)