No More Drinking Water; Contractors Required to Use Waste Water

Dec. 28, 2000

Contractors who have tapped drinking water for construction projects in the past will now be required to utilize treated waste water supplied by the City of Sante Fe.

In response to this year's drought, Sante Fe has been seeking out new ways to combat the lack of water. Contractors seeking new permits to draw city water will be required to follow this measure.

The state Environment Department approved the use of treated effluent for construction projects (i.e., making concrete, reducing dust) in addition to some limited city irrigation.

The council is expected soon to consider making treated effluent sales part of its Stage III water restrictions now in effect.

The peak level for drinking water use in construction projects this summer was 9 million gallons in a month. The city uses about 12 million gallons a day.

(Source: Albuquerque Journal)

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