New System to Provide Improved Service, Billing Utility's Customers

Dec. 28, 2000

The City of Wichita, Kansas, has implemented SCT's Banner® CMS customer management system for the city's 128,000 water and sewer department customers. SCT is a leading global provider of e-business solutions for the energy, utility, and communications markets.

The SCT Banner system will automate relationship-critical operations such as call center transactions, billing, and service requests for the city's residential and business water and sewer customers. The system is designed to increase the efficiency of customer contacts, while streamlining and simplifying information retrieval for customer service representatives. In addition, SCT will provide standard support services to help the department operate the technical environment, support back-office operations, and provide general application support.

By streamlining customer service and billing processing, the SCT Banner system is expected to significantly cut operations and maintenance costs.

"We're confident that SCT's Banner CMS is the best choice for meeting our increasingly complex billing and customer services needs. It will help to provide the flexibility and range of features we need to meet the expectations and demands of customers," said David Warren, director of the Water and Sewer Department.

"Wichita is among a growing number of progressive municipal utilities

providing leading-edge technology and services to customers," said Bill Mahoney, president of SCT Global Energy, Utilities, and Communications Solutions. "The Department is doing an excellent job of staying current with industry technology in an environment of demanding and changing market expectations."

The Wichita Water and Sewer Department provides 19 billion gallons of fresh drinking water to more than 128,000 residential and business customers per year. It manages more than 1,600 miles of water lines and treats more than 14 billion gallons of sewage annually.

SCT now has over 200 client companies utilizing over 180 SCT systems to support both regulated and de-regulated, and both publicly and privately owned utility businesses.

SOURCE: PRNewswire

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