The Dow Chemical Company Shows Students Science and Technology Angle for Fresh Water Needs

Dec. 28, 2000

Scientists from The Dow Chemical Company demonstrated how science and technology can be used to purify water from lakes, rivers and even the ocean, for drinking at the Standborough Secondary in Watford (England) where students have a keen interest in the topic of water conservation and purification.

The Standborough School is the home of the Water4Life Appeal/Children Helping Children Campaign. The Water4Life Appeal is an international initiative formed to raise awareness of water borne diseases caused by contaminated drinking water supplies. The Appeal hopes to raise 25 million pounds sterling to finance on the ground projects that will reduce the threat of water borne illnesses caused by contaminated drinking water.

"We wanted to expose the students to some of the technological alternatives available for helping solve this problem," said Ian Barbour global business director for Dow Liquid Separations. "We are very happy to have the opportunity to meet such a socially conscientious group of young people."

Dow is donating $5,000.00 (about 3,000 pounds sterling) to the Appeal. In addition, Dow will provide a permanent link from the Dow Liquid Separations web site to the Water4Life Appeal home page. "I want to give the world 'pupil power' through the Internet to help prevent many more children from dying due to the lack of clean, fresh water," said Laura Sweeting, spokesperson for the Water4Life Appeal/Children Helping Children. "The Dow Liquid Separations site attracts thousands of visitors every month, all of whom will now have the opportunity to visit the Appeal's home page".